Betting on U.S. soccer

In Europe, betting on soccer (football) is extremely popular, but in the United States punters have been more attracted to games such as baseball, basketball and American football throughout most of the 20th century. The revival of U.S. soccer in the 1990s did however serve the make the sport more visible to the U.S. public and today an increasing number of U.S. sports bettors are taking the plunge into soccer betting.

The advent of internet gambling has made it much easier for U.S. punters to find bookmakers willing to accept bets on soccer, and this is true for U.S. soccer as well as for soccer in general. If your local bookmaker in the U.S. doesn't offer odds for soccer there is no need to despair – simply go online a chose among a wide selection of well established and reputable bookmakers that offer odds for U.S. soccer and other soccer games. You can for instance bet on international soccer events like the FIFA World Cup, or on domestic leagues like the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga and – of course – the U.S. Major League Soccer.

Soccer betting

Soccer matches pretty often ends in a tie, and in traditional soccer betting you can wager on home win, away win or tie.

The odds for a match can look like this:

Team A -182
Draw +230
Team B +450

If you bet on Team A, you need to risk $18.20 to have a chance to win $10. If you on the other hand bet on Team B you only need to bet $10 to have a chance to win $45. A $10 wager on draw (tie) give you a chance of winning $23.

Both teams can be underdogs

Due to the possibility of a tie, it is possible to find soccer match odds where both teams are underdogs. The most likely outcome of the match is then, according to the odds, that none of the teams will win. This type of odds is never seen in games such as baseball or national hockey league.

The odds can for instance look like this:

Team A +140
Draw +220
Team B +150

Over/Under betting on soccer

For many soccer matches, it is possible to wager on if the number of goals will be over or under a certain number posted by the bookmaker. If the number posted by the bookmaker for instance is 2.5, you bet on under if you believe that there will be no more than 2 goals and bet on over if you think that there will be at least 3 goals.

Proposition bets

Proposition bets are especially common on sports betting sites online that offer live betting, i.e. the possibility to continue betting during the match. The odds will be posted on the site (or sent to your cell phone via text message) and then removed when wagers can no longer be placed.

Examples of proposition bets: